Toys in Every Store

I come downstairs in the morning with Martha, walk into the kitchen, grab a cup for my coffee and load the Keurig. While waiting for my coffee I look across the room and ask: “Alexa, how many days until Christmas?” Alexa answers and tells me we have 39 days until Christmas Day, I grab my cup and smile… It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Next week is Thanksgiving and that’s where my Christmas starts. The tree goes up on Friday and our house gets dressed up for my most favorite time of the year. I haven’t given much thought to the turkey yet, I know I’ll be able to find one or even order it on Amazon. I haven’t chosen the soup and have no idea whether it’s going to be wild mushroom, carrot ginger or maybe butternut squash with truffle cream. I don’t know yet. Stuffing will be as stuffing always has been, and the kiddos have already given their votes for apple and pumpkin pies for this year. Yesterday Amazon brought me a new turkey baster as the 15 year one was starting to fa…

They Are Back! Are You Ready?

All the papers seem to be writing about it, and even if you really don’t care it is hard to avoid seeing the signs popping up left and right. It pours in through my email and it seems to be the topic of discussion, at least with me. No, not talking about the election, even though I did get a bit annoyed when Dale Fonk left me his automated message number 76: “Hello, this is Dale Fonk running for State Senate, and I was wondering if you have voted yet…” But no, not talking about the election.
I am talking about the real estate market. I believe it is safe to say now, that the market has shifted and if you were to believe the headlines the dooms day is here. But is it really? The answer is… No. Not dooms day but if we refer to the shift in the market the answer would mostly be yes, and sometimes the answer is maybe. Frankly, I am happy to see buyers are having more say in the transaction, and that contingencies have come back. In most places, read carefully m-o-s-t p-l-a-c-e-s, you do…

Twitter, twitter on the phone...

As I once used to major in education I’ll have to admit that I still enjoy teaching whether it’s an outdoor education class at my kids’ school talking about water Ph levels and stream life, safety and first-aid skills for Girl Scouts or social media marketing at my office. I like teaching. Kids and grownups alike. I like the interaction and trying to deliver a message tangible enough for everyone to be able to benefit from.
Last Friday I was talking about marketing in front of ten or eleven brokers hoping to learn something new, benefit from what I have found useful and working for me. I hate talking into a microphone in front of a ballroom full of people, but I have no problem doing the same in a smaller setting. Compared to many, I’m tech savvy. Compared to many, I’m most certainly not. I would call myself social media savvy rather than tech savvy. When my computer does something funky I call hubs to help and when the iPhone stops obeying my commands I go to the Apple store. I hav…

New Reality

Sorry, I didn’t mean to ditch you but, but, but… I have been busy. Busy enough to not get to see my family at all this weekend. Busy enough to work 15-hour days for the past few weeks, busy enough to have 25 sticky notes glued to my desk and my laptop in hopes that I will remember everything I need to remember. Suddenly I have entered this new phase of life where I turn the out-of-office on to have dinner and a conversation with my kids, where I call a dear friend and tell her I simply cannot make it to her birthday party and where my life resembles a movie scene from Bad Moms when I show up at my daughters Girl Scout event two hours late.
You know, the moment when the time that you promised to be there an hour late is long gone and you frantically call the troop leader to find out where they are. You park somewhere in a field, walk accross two fields to buy a bracelet that will allow you on the hay ride, walk accross the field again, wait in line, take the ride, walk accross the pum…

The Office

On Monday I met with a colleague to talk about marketing. Not just any kind of marketing but marketing on social media platforms. Whilst having breakfast together and chatting about hashtags she told me she rarely came to the office because it made her feel somewhat inadequate – not successful enough, not busy enough, not hardcore enough. I laughed and told her that I only pop in at the office once or twice a week too. She was somewhat surprised as she had been thinking I spent my days at the office being a super productive super broker to be.
I told her that I rather work from home. I make a cup of coffee, have Martha curl up in my feet, light a candle and start. Emails, listings, blog posts, phone calls, marketing plans, eLearning classes and webinars – yes, keep learning sort of thing. And once the coffee gets cold or the cup is empty, I’ll make another cup of coffee. Working from home doesn’t mean I’m less productive than I would be at our Redmond office, quite contrary, while in…

I Heard There Was a Cougar!

Last night there was an awesome presentation by Western Wildlife at our school. Unfortunately, there were only a handful of people there, and the information that could have benefited hundreds in our neighborhood was delivered to the few of us that already were pretty educated on how to coexist with large carnivores. My initial plan was to reflect on the three days I spent at camp but instead I will be talking about living with wildlife. Why? As a realtor I work primarily with clients living in areas where they share their living space with bears, cougars, bobcats and coyotes and I believe it is vital to understand what that means.
Earlier this week someone spotted a cougar in our neighborhood about 350 yards from our front door. This is the third cougar sighting I have heard of in our neighborhood. The first one was eight years ago when the sheriff stopped a dog walker and sent them back home due to a cougar sighting. The second time was maybe a year or two later when one had kille…


You wanna talk about the market? Well, I didn’t think so… I’ve been talking about the market for weeks, fighting the press like a little Don Quixote and I don’t want to talk about the market either. I'd way rather talk about the perfect weather, the little lost duck in front of my office this morning or fall foliage. It’s been a crazy week busy with work, busy with three kids, busy with PTSA, busy with life. I have had someone point out that I approach real estate like it was a full-time job – I’ll let you in on a secret, it is a full-time job for me. This week I have had a home sold before my clients were able to view it, lost in a multiple offer combat, seen a $1.7 million home sell in two days and had to reduce price on a listing. I really don't have anything smart to say today.
We are rapidly approaching the end of September, meaning my three children have supposedly been going to school for almost four weeks now. I’m sure there’s someone out there who’s children have att…