Amazing Clients!

I have to say, I have some of the most amazing clients! I mean for reals. Imagine yourself, sitting in your realtor’s car touring homes with three children in the back seat on a hot summer day. As usual the kids are most randomly arguing over anything and everything, as they could come up with at least a million better ways to spend their summer vacation rather than crammed in that backseat. Okay, you are imagining this, are you? You’re thinking you know what I’m talking about as you have kids too, or maybe your children are all grown up, but you still remember. If you don’t have kids, you’ll know someone with kids, or at very least you have seen kids at the grocery store or at a restaurant. Haven’t you? You may be wondering why the kids are in the car, and not with a sitter, or friends or family. Who in their right mind would want to take their three kids with them, when they are trying to concentrate on finding a home? Wouldn’t they rather not listen to the backseat bickering? Well…

Working From Home Today!

On Friday morning, I sit at my desk enjoying the view of my beautiful living room sipping coffee and trying desperately to focus as emails keep popping up on my screen, the phone ringing, and my mind wandering off to things other than work. The boys are enjoying their last day of Lego camp, Mia’s reading Harry Potter on the couch and Martha’s under my desk keeping my toes warm. It’s going to be a desk day at my home office. I’ll be checking new listings for clients, writing emails, blogging and reviewing my plans for next week as he is traveling and I’ll be juggling work with three rugrats. I keep looking out of the window as I hear the trails calling my name, and I’m tempted to hop in my trail sneakers and go eat some huckleberries with Martha, maybe later.

The Emma e-flyer that I created for my open house on Sunday was sent out this morning and shared to Facebook, paper flyers were printed on Wednesday, so everything is in order with the exception of the open house binder that I al…

It's a Family Thing

This weekend we drove around previewing homes for a client. I wasn’t really sent on this mission by my client, but rather because I felt I needed to get a better grasp on what we’re trying to find, where to find it, and what it will most likely look like.

My weekend previews are a family thing, apart from Mia, whom would rather not go at all, and sits in the car reading a book looking somewhat tortured if she must be there with us. This week she got lucky and got invited to her friend’s house to enjoy the Saturday, swimming in their back yard pool. Part of it is a preteen thing but the majority of her reluctance comes from her apprehensiveness toward any car ride what so ever. This is nothing new, we’re talking about a child that had a tantrum from Portland, OR to Redmond, WA because she did not want to sit in her car seat. At that point, she was 15 months old, and no, she did not fall asleep or stop screaming, or get out of breath.
I quite enjoy these weekend rides taking us to neig…

Sold in a Minute

No Green Lake this weekend after all, the home went pending yesterday, meaning – it most likely found a wonderful new owner after being on the market for over 40 days. That’s over a month you guys! The common misconception seems to be that everything, I mean everything sells in less than five days for over the list price, with a multiple offers and escalation clauses. Well, many do, but certainly not all. This is where some sellers get a little bit surprised, disappointed even, as they might be expecting everything I just mentioned. What if it does not happen? What if your home doesn’t sell in a blink of an eye. What if there aren’t multiple offers and a price climbing through the roof.

I can hear the next question in the air, what was wrong with the home? And my answer is – nothing. Nothing was wrong with the home. It is a good solid home that needs some work as it has been built nearly 100 years ago and has yet to be brought up to date. In perfectly livable condition too. It wasn’…

It's Going to Be Ok

As a freshly made broker my life goes in phases, there are the days when I’m excited and filled with never ending energy, knowing that this is the right thing for me to do and that over time, I will become great at this. On those kinds of days there is a flow to my work, and time just flies by as I sit at my desk working. After the good times, comes the doubt, the moments of “what was I thinking” and “am I completely crazy”. The moments when you’ll just have to keep doing, what you’re doing, the stuff one so believed in just yesterday. A person way more experienced than me told me once that, if only a transaction will make me happy, this is the utterly wrong career to pick as even the best of us have tens of transactions per year, and every year has 365 days.
I belong to a Facebook group called the Lady Bosses, and a while back someone posted a picture that I found absolutely exhilarating. I do apologize for the foul language, it wasn’t my idea.

I enjoy my work. I truly do. As a roo…

The Unbearable Bears

I’m reading a book in bed when I hear a sound in the darkness outside, the sound of someone putting out trash cans, however it’s kind of late for that and I have a lingering feeling that the sound isn’t made by my neighbors, but rather, something else. I climb out of my bed quietly as I’m stalking, and move to the window silently, to see how my neighbors guest opens the lid of the trash can, looks inside the can and is obviously trying to make a choice. Once the choice is made the dude gets clumsy, and the bin falls over. He doesn’t care, he has found what he wanted as he carries his treasure into the woods.
There are somewhere between 25K to 30K black bears in the State of Washington, and depending on your point of view I’m one of the lucky or unlucky ones that get to share my living space with them. I also get to share my space with bobcats, coyotes, deer, owls, pine squirrels and plenty of bunnies. As I write this there is a male deer with beautiful antlers on the side of my hous…

Mia's Story

Depending on whom you ask, 1 out of 68 (CDC) or 1 out of 45 (government parent survey) kids are diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. More boys than girls as they estimated 1 out of 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls. Nevertheless, Autism is affecting over 3 million individuals within U.S. and it seems as if autism is a big thing nowadays. Is it? Has it always been, and we just didn’t pay attention to it, or is it really something new? The reasoning behind the difference between the numbers between boys and girls differs. One theory that I’m inclined to support is that girls are better at hiding their disability.
As I’m not a researcher nor a physician, but only a mother, I am unable to give you anything else but guesses, gut feelings, and my very own story, perhaps it should be called Mia’s story, and as they say; one kid on the spectrum, is only one kid on the spectrum. Every child with autism is different from the other, and every family is equally different. But let’s go back in ti…