Keep Calm and Always Carry Yarn

There is something utterly relaxing and even therapeutic about knitting. The feeling of yarn between your fingers and then gentle sound of knitting needles touching when you pick the yarn through the loop over and over again. It feels like I’ve always knitted, but I haven’t. Like so many others, I have started and stopped depending on life. I learned to knit as a child but didn’t knit for years until in my twenties when I started again just to stop when life got too hectic with work and all that adulting.
Then Mia got diagnosed with Autism and life shifted gears again. My weeks were filled with hours of sitting in various waiting rooms in those 45-minute increments, and like a long-lost soul I returned to knitting to avoid boredom during those long hours. I made blankets, I made throws from little squares that were quick and easy enough to make whilst watching my boys play. I played with patterns. This time it never stopped, and it became a habit to carry a project with me at all ti…

It Depends on Your Expectations

Took the weekend off, sort of. Instead of driving around with clients I’ve been driving around with family previewing homes. 16 homes in two days, including my dream home in a less than dreamy location, plus a trip to Ikea to buy Mia a new desk and Peter Rabbit (the movie) with friends.
There are times when I would love to have a bigger house, I mean, we do have a 3-bedroom home with 3 kids, 2 grownups and a dog, 1,850sqft.  We do have a great floor plan with an open concept downstairs, a loft upstairs but there are days when I could take a bit more space, like when trying to cram the foosball table in my boys’ room. So, on occasion, I do get tempted by homes offering more room. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra space? The trade off though, would be moving further out to a less desirable location in a developing community. What I really would want to do, is to knock down our master bedroom wall and make it smaller as we really don’t need a large master suite with a sitting area…

A Standing Ovation

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? You know, that moment when you wonder what it would be like to own a coffee shop, a small boutique or maybe even a restaurant. What a sweet idea, but as that thought progresses in your mind, you end up killing it by thinking of everything involved… I have. Many times. I have dreamed of my own little boutique, a little brick and mortar store that would only sell things I like, or maybe a bakery. But it has always come down to all the other stuff surrounding that dream. The rent, the endless work hours and having to find the products for my little store, and pricing and everything else involved. The part that we also call work.
I believe in small businesses, and I believe in women. Strong, modern women. To top it off, I admire anyone and everyone whom is willing to take a step into the eventful, exiting world of entrepreneurship.  The world where one day you’re on top of the world, and the next you are ready to call it quits, as …

A Contract Is Your Canvas

I’ve spent the week learning how to stay out of the court room and keep your license. I have heard countless stories on how you do end up getting sued and stories about how crucial it is to know what you’re doing. This is the thing I really love about our corporate trainings, the stories. Stories told by expert witnesses. Stories told by our lawyers. Stories told by those that have been in the industry for nearly half a century.
The thing about real estate is that there are a lot of emotions involved. And emotions combined with large amounts of money may end up looking ugly. What I mean, is that you might feel like things did not go quite right with your carpet cleaner or your handyman or the guy whom painted your porch, but would you really get so worked up that you would end up suing them or would you just tell your friends and neighbors about it? Add a million dollars, or maybe 2 million, 3 million or 4 million to the question and ask again. Well, heck yes! You’re gonna sue every…

Zero Relief for Buyers

Being a real estate broker in this market has got to be the easiest job ever! Guess how many times I’ve heard that statement… I can see where it comes from though and looking from that perspective it seems like a valid statement. You get a listing in the $600K to $990K price range, you do your marketing things, and somewhere between two to five days, bang! It’s sold. That was easy.
Let’s hop on the other side though, the side where we manage risk taking and disappointments. Where we encourage endlessly yet keep painting the possible worst-case scenarios on the wall, and come Monday night, we once more make that call; “I’m so sorry. There were over twenty offers, and at this point they have chosen another offer.” Maybe you weren’t ready to play hard enough? Maybe you did want an inspection but no one else did, or maybe you didn’t see quite the same financial potential as someone else. It’s a fine line we’re dancing there, and my own anxiety levels keep riding with those of my clients…

The Magic of Twins

I should write about the market, you know, February 2nd and the stats are out. Instead, I chose to do a quick blurb on family life, and to be more specific, twins. The dream and ultimate horror of so many parents. I have heard it countless times, seriously, more times than I am able to imagine… “How do you do it? – Well, didn’t really have a choice did I. “I’ve always wanted twins! You are so super lucky!!!!” – Yes, I agree. I’m super lucky, but it for sure didn’t feel that way during the 16 weeks of bedrest before they were born or during those first two or three years…. The years when every single thing one would relate to parenting an infant, I did twice. Washing, changing, feeding, carrying. I remember an old Facebook post where I counted closer to 30 diaper changes during my hubs workday, see one diarrhea equals two diarrheas with twinsies. I also remember how scared I was that the lack of cuddles would seriously hurt them. I did not have time to cuddle, I was on a schedule. I w…

Horse Camp

They say that a mistake you learned from and never repeated is worth making, but there most certainly are things that I never seem to learn. There is also a Finnish saying, or more of a question we tend to ask when one does not learn from repeated experiences: “Oletko kastemato?” It translates loosely to asking if someone is an earthworm, referring to the rather simple structure of the nervous system of this creature. Not quite mistakes, but there are events that seem to catch me by surprise every year. Usually these things are in relation to my children, or to be more precise the society we live in and they repeatedly show my lack of ability to maintain knowledge of some of these parenting related events.

This morning it hit me when I was driving my kids to school and saw a little sign at the roadside. On that sign it said; “register now! Summer camp registration is open!” – that’s the moment when I mentally slapped myself wondering how I was able to forget AGAIN something this elem…