Pretty House in Woodinville

It’s Friday morning and as the kids get ready for school, I’m busy working on marketing pieces. Marketing for my listing, a beautiful home in Woodinville, marketing for my website and a mailing for the neighborhood. I’m really not much for the endless junk mail realtors send but to keep up with others I do my share and send out a mailer every now and then. It’s a good reminder for my neighbors that I’m here but in all reality most of us know at least one or two brokers and the likelihood of reaching out to a complete stranger is pretty slim.

Let’s get back to the pretty house in Woodinville. The one with four bedrooms and a master suite of anyone’s dreams. I mean I would love to have a master suite like that and mine isn’t small either. And the views over the valley, the hot air balloons floating by in the warm summer nights and the lushness of trees. It really is a very nice house. Perfect size with its just a tad under 3,000 square feet and a garage with plenty of storage and a wo…

Under or Over? It Depends.

I haven’t written about my work in a while. It’s spring, and spring market, and life is exactly the way a realtor would want it – busy with clients. The market is a tad different from what it was a year ago, but we still see multiple offers and quick sales, we see those for homes that are priced appropriately, ready to move in, and in sought after communities. I really like working in the current market.
Every now and again I run into brokers boasting about the discounts they were able to get for their buyers, by discounts I mean purchasing a home under the list price. I tend not to write about that, maybe I should, maybe I should tell the entire world that I managed to negotiate a home for $15,000 under the list price or $150,000 under list price, or should I? Sometimes my buyers end up purchasing a home for $15,000 or maybe even $150,000 over the list price. Negotiation is a skill for sure, and with skill my clients end up getting a home they love, sometimes below and sometimes abo…

Beering Down Oregon Coast

It’s Spring Break week and social media is filled with pictures of vacations of all sorts. A quick scroll takes me from New Zealand to Japan, from Japan to Germany, from Germany to the Caribbean and finally through Idaho to Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Hawaii and Mexico. It seems to be the official vacation week in the Greater Seattle area.

We left on Saturday and came back Thursday night. We didn’t fly out, we sat in traffic trying to exit Seattle with everyone else, headed South taking a Starbucks break in Portland. All these years prior we’ve taken a turn toward the ocean in Longview but this year, we decided to try out something new.
We have been to Seaside countless times. We used to go there with friends before the kids were born. We used to stop in Seaside if we were on one of our countless road trips. We have our steady favorites in the area. Restaurants that not everyone knows about, those little hidden secrets. This year we drove through Portland, all the way down to Salem…

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Oh my gosh, it’s been two years and my training wheels are off. I have renewed my license for the first time and completed hundreds of hours of additional training. Exactly two years ago, I completed my licensing exam, passed and signed my contract with Coldwell Banker Bain. I still remember vividly the sounds and smells of that exam room, how the computer fans were working and others around me were writing on their scratch paper.
It has been an amazing two years and I’m looking forward to many more to come. I have received awards and my desk is now filled with reviews and thank you notes from happy clients. I have reached the point to get to coach younger brokers and teach classes at my office and I greatly enjoy sharing the knowledge that was once trusted in me.
I still get the jitters when I submit an offer for my clients, and I hope that’ll never go away. I feel the excitement on closing day and I high five myself in my mind when I know I have negotiated something that will bene…

Once a Realtor...

Friday morning, I woke up at 3:06. 3:06 AM. About an hour early but you know, I just couldn’t sleep, so I tiptoed downstairs, scheduled several posts for Facebook, had a cup of tea and let Martha out. By 5:30 AM I had stuffed my family in the car, driven to Everett, parked and shuffled my family through airport security and was enjoying my latte and butter croissant at the Paine Field Airport lounge with Martha curled up in our feet under the table. Paine Field was just as painless as they promise. No crowds, no lines, no long walks, no hassle. Less than five minutes to get a dog, two grownups, three kids, five carry-ons and a dog crate through security, straight into the beautiful lounge with gates at each end of the room. If I have a choice, from now on, I will fly painlessly from Paine Field.

I haven’t met too many people saying they absolutely love Los Angeles. I know plenty of whom are in love with San Francisco or San Diego, but for most Los Angeles seems to be endless traffic,…


The verdict isn’t quite final, but all signs point toward the market heating up again. We got a slower real estate market with even some price adjustments in last summer and going through the fall. January 2019 started busier than usual with heavy activity during open houses and as we entered February things started to change with the latest news drumming in and telling us about spring market starting.
One of my own listings that had been suffering from the sluggish fall market with little to no interest from buyers had suddenly loads of activity beginning of January and we ended up with multiple offers. This was a home in a rural community and the expectation was that finding the right buyer would take time. A little bit over a week ago, my clients lost in a multiple offer situation as they were not ready to give up inspection and financing contingencies on a house that did need some work. This was a property that had been sitting in the market all fall, it was pulled off market for…

Series of Unfortunate Events

It was a Sunday afternoon in early December when I was coming home from a listing appointment, sitting in front of the house in my car having a phone conversation with my Principal Broker aka boss-supervisor-manager. About fifteen minutes prior my husband had called me asking me to leave the car in the driveway so he could wash it, and when he ran outside frantically waving at me, I mistook this as him being impatient and just waved him to go away. How wrong was I… These few minutes started a series of events that we are still dealing with today, at the very end of February.
It all started with the bears. It was always the same bears, a mama and her two cubs. We had had a lot of bear activity in our neighborhood and honestly, I’m convinced that these guys know when its Sunday night as trash gets picked up on Monday morning. The bears had climbed over the fence, broken into our trash cans – no, bungee cords no longer work – and had started feasting on their treats. My husband opened t…