What About the Buyers!!!

It has become increasingly common for someone to ask me about the market. Six months ago, when I told someone I was a realtor, the usual comment was something along the line of me having an easy job that paid great bucks for doing pretty much nothing. On the outside I was smiling while inside my head was screaming; What about the buyers!!!!!! What about the buyers that are fighting for one listing with tens of other buyers and possibly losing the battle time after time. This is not all about the listing side, we have buyers and finding a home and nailing the offer in the sellers’ market takes skill.  Now, everyone wants to know what I think about the market. I don’t know if my job has ended being the easiest well-paying job, but I no longer get that remark and quite frankly I do prefer the question on the market over the remark.
It’s easy to understand why our current market looks so scary. It does, if you just stare at the graphs without further knowledge. Just look at this figure,…

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I like working with buyers. A lot of real estate agents prefer being the listing agent over working with buyers as it can, at times, be somewhat more cumbersome than listing with maybe clearer timelines and expectations. However, I really enjoy working as a buyers agent, and I love the process of growth that it takes to find a home, the home.
There really is no average on how long it takes to find a home or maybe I could say that the average time correlates strongly with the motivation and the reasons driving the client. Is there a lease ending? Is there temporary housing that will go away or is it just the right time to buy. However, I’ve had extremely motivated buyers with tight timelines that ended up not buying and buyers that had no plans to buy and bought a home after our first tour, the first tour that is merely meant to just narrow things down and get ones toes wet. So, sometimes you click with a home even if you’re not planning to, and sometimes… well, maybe the time wasn’t…

Chicken Little

Is the sky really falling? Maybe it is falling indeed, and I just haven’t noticed it yet? Maybe it’s falling, and I don’t know it is, because I don’t know what to look for? With all the whispering going around about the end being near I had to look for myself. I don’t believe in gut feelings about the market. I don’t believe in listening to those whispers. I believe in numbers, hardcore math and data.
Numbers, numbers on my screen, tell me, tell me what’s to be…
So, I sit down, and I start loading reports. Reports starting from June 21st ending in today. I keep the area as Redmond, otherwise there would be way too much numbers to crunch, but I’d be happy to the same in your zip, city or town if you asked me to. I pull data for residential listings. Anything residential that has been listed since June 21st, regardless of price; active listings, pending listings and sold listings. I look at the Comparative Market Analysis. I pull the Area Market Survey and lastly, I grab the Statisti…

Build a Bear and Spirit Wear

Last week was all about getting that new listing on the market. Getting a listing out is a bit like preparing for any event and the closer you get to “the” moment, the crazier things tend to be, and finally with a “poof” it’s gone. No, the listing is still there but all the hustle is gone, and besides marketing and coordinating showings and open houses, we are now at the point where it’s the buyer’s agents catch the ball for a while. I have suddenly had time and that time was filled with our new school and the PTSA. Stuffing back to school packets, board meetings and all the fun that happens behind the scenes to welcome families back to school.

When I tell people that I’m on the PTSA board for our new school, I tend to get a look, the look asking; if I don’t have enough to do in your life with a full-time job, three kids and a dog. I guess I do, but it’s our new school, it’s my kids’ school, it’s the beautiful new school in our community and I feel like I both want and need to be a p…

Listing Week Madness

It’s Saturday morning. The smoke has made its way back and my view is shaded by this smelly mist. It was way worse during the week, but it’s definitely back. I'm drinking coffee, writing and prepping for the open houses this weekend. A week ago, we were staging the same home as a family effort. 

On Monday we had to skip drone pictures on my listing because they would have been waste of time as there was no visibility. There was no way of getting a decent picture of the valley, let alone the mountains behind. It was quite a bummer that there was no way of getting the view from all those windows and decks. Two hours of photos and takes and retakes and switching angles. When we were done my back was aching as I was rushing to my next appointment.

Tuesday, I worked on the marketing pieces trying to figure out how to squeeze the beauty of this home into a few hundred words. There are times when it’s hard to find words to describe the best sides of a home, however with luxury propertie…

There Is No Catch. It's All for the Good.

I have been dragging my boys with me all day, meetings, houses, conference calls, errands. There has been plenty of shushing and hushing, but for my last meeting they are excited. I’m excited too and as we enter the conference room I can sense my counterparts feeling the same excitement combined with the question – Why? Why do you want to do this with us?
Let me explain.
The place is called Game to Grow and I’m sitting in the room with Adam and Adam. No, it’s not a typo. These two wonderful gentlemen teach and believe in using role-playing games to teach and learn social skills. Adam has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and he is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a master’s in family and couple’s therapy. The other Adam has a master’s in Education and used to be a class room teacher. He is also recognized member of the North American Drama Therapy Association. Both of them are also avid gamers – and this is why my boys were so very excited to meet them.

To help you und…

3 More Weeks

There’s 3 weeks of summer left, meaning we are at the tail end of the kids’ summer vacation and in 3 weeks I will be able to go to work without 3 children with me. Yes, it truly is a privilege to have a job where this is possible, to combine work and family, yet, I’m getting to the point when I am longing for someone else spending time with them, you know, school and teachers.
We’ve had a great summer. Not complaining here. I have spent countless hours by the pool and in the pool with my cell phone in my other hand, answering emails, making phone calls and responding to the endless: “Mom, look at me! Mom, look at me do a summersault in the water, look at me! Mom, mom, mon…” We’ve had weeks of lazy mornings where they are lazy and I’m sitting by my desk to get stuff done before the pool. We are all tanned, we’ve all had fun.
And on the other hand, they have spent hours at my office, in the computer room on their iPads while I sit at meetings, teach at trainings or talk with our offi…