Pumpkins and Yarn

I have a special love for fall. Cherry blossoms and daffodils are beautiful and yes, spring is nice after the long dark winter, but for me fall is the one and only winner. Maybe it’s because I was born in late fall, don’t know, but I have heard a theory that you lean toward the season you were born in, so maybe that’s why. In the autumn, I get to decorate my porch with pumpkins, and I for sure will, as soon as they appear outside of my grocery store. I start with princess pumpkins, and  knuckleheads, the ones that look like they have a pretty severe dermatologic condition. I scatter my living room, our entrance and my desk with small pumpkins and gourds. I love turning the fireplace on and lighting my special candle, the one I keep buying from Woodinville Whiskey Company.
By end of August, I will have grabbed my yarns from the garage. Yarns, and halfway completed projects that have been forgotten for the summer months, I grab them and start knitting again. I visit yarn stores, and s…

Whom Are You Hiring?

I recently ran into a post about one of these newish semi-online brokerages, and I came to think that as the “why yes” is being heavily pushed by these companies, you don’t really see the why not’s quite as much. But people like me like to do things online, it's quick. It's easy. It's simple. I use social media on a daily basis in several different forms. I purchase most of my stuff online, and Amazon is on the first screen of my iPhone. I cannot remember the last time I was watching “old fashioned” TV, as my TV comes through Hulu Plus, Netflix and Amazon. I don’t run to the library to do research, I Google, I Bing and I research online whether we are talking real estate or anything else. So, I understand the buying a home online thought. They make it sound like you sit on your couch and then you go click, click, click and you have a home. You get a discount too, because you don’t need as much services, it is all online after all... the pictures, the tour and the pricing.…

It's Not My Decision

As we are in mid-September the market is picking up again. Not that there wasn’t movement over the summer, but in all reality, there wasn’t that much to move around either, and what we had still sold in more or less the same amount of time it did during the spring. The absorption rate went down to 111.6 on Seattle Eastside in July, but bumped back up to 121.6 in August. Just to compare, it was 165.2 in April, but also 128.4 at its highest level of 2016 meaning the most likely the slowest, sluggish time of the year in 2017 is pretty close to the highest pace absorption of 2016. It’s hard to call this a slow down.
The graph for pending sales crossed lines with the inventory on Seattle Eastside in October of 2016, and has not gone back. Traditionally looking the inventory should be higher than pending sales, but in our area, it is the other way around and as of now, it does not look like it’s going to change.
This means, fast selling times and multiple offers, and it shows. We are stil…

Oh, My Lunch

This time of the year there is this ongoing discussion regarding school lunches. Even though the cafeteria food has been upgraded and can – at least partly – be considered semi-healthy I, like many other parents, try to steer away from it. Yes, fish and chips with a whole grain roll, and organic spring mix is not bad, but as I know my kids, I also know that they would pick cheese pizza, skip the free garden bar and chocolate milk. I know, technically they have to stick to fruit and veggies on their plates, but will they eat them? So, we do cafeteria lunch once a week, pick a day that works for you as pizza is off limits. This week their choice is the “Welcome Back Picnic” – read: giant sub, whole grain chips and strawberry shortcake.
Nuff said, I’m down to packing lunches for three kids four mornings a week. As school started less than a week ago, I still join all those other moms at Costco, stuffing the cart with healthy foods knowing that later in the school year I will be bound to…

It's Close to Closing Time!

School started on Tuesday, the morning it was raining ash, and by the time I had managed the mandatory bus stop pictures, driven to school to take a second set of pictures, I was sweating and had my eyes filled with these grey particles falling out of the sky. When I returned to my car, I needed the windshield wipers as did everyone else. With the bright orange sun shining through the grey smoke everything looked, and felt a bit felt surreal.
On my way to Redmond I got a call from a listing broker and had to rush to the office to print and scan documents, and I felt extremely relieved that I no longer had three kids in the back seat - going; “noooo! But you promised…” with the news. The first week of school is time for catchup, time to do things that one has been unable to do for those twelve weeks of summer, meaning hair appointments, doctors’ appointments, veterinary wellness appointments and so on. If you have ever done any of these things with your kids, you would know that it go…

Is Your Home Ready for Fall?

As I walk by the Mums in front of my grocery store, I suddenly realize that autumn is getting closer whether we want it or not. Despite the hot, hot, hot weather we are inevitably approaching the Seattle winter. It begins with crisp mornings and the leaf season, followed by several months of semi continuous drizzle. Only time will tell what the windstorm season will look like this year, but based on stats it could be a bad one as we have neither La Nina or El Nino this year. Starbucks has launched their Pumpkin Spice Latte and school starts today, and you know the pumpkin patches will open in just a few weeks too.
Okay, okay, I want to grab my Dr. Marten’s boots out of the closet and pull on a sweater and a scarf. I’m tired of wearing sundresses and shorts, but that’s not my point. My point is that way more important that the latte or your favorite scarf is your home. Is your home ready for fall and winter? A colleague of mine told me a story about a first-time homeowner. It was a f…

All is Well that Ends Well

A Realtor does not just work with her clients but with a team of individuals. Yes, my client is the centerpiece of everything, but there is a lot happening behind the scenes. One of the frequently asked questions is about closing; why does it take 30 to 45 days to close? For many the consensus seems to be that once you’re under contract you are done, especially in the current market where everything seems to be waived by the buyers, why not able to close in a day or two. Sometimes a quick closing is an option, usually two weeks, but that requires everything to click in seamlessly, there is no room for hiccups or bumps in the road. So, what happens between signing the contract and closing.
When everyone has accepted and signed, and we have done our happy dances and hoorays, that’s when it all really starts. I mean looking at homes with clients, narrowing down what they are trying to find and getting their offer accepted can be time consuming, and sometimes extremely frustrating espec…