Tinker, Tailor... Working Mom

Every so often I have someone asking me why I choose to work. If you judge hastily, it sounds like a question bursting of entitlement, but it really is not. There’s a piece of entitlement in it but it is more of a cultural question, it’s a question of changing times and sometimes even a level of envy the secret wish that they were too. Yes, there is a piece of entitlement there also, the piece referring that I would not have to work, that working is a choice instead of a must.
Yes, I am lucky that way. Blessed by my circumstances, blessed by where I was born, blessed by my socioeconomic class, blessed by having a husband that provides. Yes, I am entitled in many ways. I am white, I am educated, and I have more that I truly need. There’s the absence of poverty, absence of sole-providership, absence of constant struggle. But as I don’t have to, why do I then, why do I choose to work?
I do not look down to women whom don’t work, why would I. For goodness sake, I was a stay at home mom f…

What Are You Waiting For?

I promised I wouldn’t write about the market anymore and as promised, I will refrain from doing the traditional market review. Yes, prices are up again. Yes, the inventory is a bit better but still extremely low, and the median days on market tend to hover under a week at least for anything even half way decent in a price range that most people are looking in. Market review done. Any questions? 
However, my concern lies within all those people waiting. Waiting to save more money for a down payment. Waiting for the prices do come down. Waiting for the inventory to get better. Waiting, waiting, waiting… I once heard a broker say: I guess you’ll always be a renter and never an owner. My concern is that all these people waiting, are waiting for something that is not going to happen.
Let’s look at the saving money part. My imaginary people are looking for a $600K home in King County. Right now, their down payment would be 10%, meaning $60K. Instead of buying now, they want to save until …

Cannot Say This Enough

Time flies when you’re having fun they say, and so another week has passed by. I’m so incredibly happy I have found my thing after trying out so many other things that weren’t for me in the end. Teaching – check. Research – check. Nursing – check. Healthcare Administration – check. Real estate is finally my thing, for reals.
Saturday I wake up around 6AM to prep for my interview as I didn’t have time the night before. I’m meeting a reporter and a photographer from Helsingin Sanomat, the Finnish equivalent to Washington Post with my clients to talk about our real estate market and how it differs from Finland. Pretty cool, isn't it! What does the process look like? Why do we have a buyer’s agent and a seller’s agent? What does a seller’s market mean and what does it look like? How does the process with multiple offers and escalations feel like to a client? We meet at 10 AM and chat for a while before taking a drive up the hill to my listing. That’s where we take the photos. Pictur…

A Year Later

I woke up in the middle of the night to a dream of one of my boys crying. I rushed into the boys’ room only to find them fast asleep, and the source of the sound being my husband's snores. Returning to bed, I’m wide awake, laying there at 3:34 AM listening to the logger next to me. Ever since my kids were born I’ve been a light sleeper and most times falling back asleep is a challenge. My mind has a habit of starting to wander when I wake up during the wee hours of the night, and for this reason I always keep pen and paper next to my bed, to be able to write down my worries, concerns and at times, brilliant ideas.
Last night it went like this; “Don’t forget to print out Form 17 for the listing… (well, I never would but at 3:38 AM it seemed important), flyers… don’t forget to print them lighter to make them look better, stack signs, key box is already there… Throw zip ties in the car in the morning. Oh no, I haven’t done anything in regard to the twins’ birthday! Need to push Sat…

The P's of Flushing

Last week I had an eye-opening moment at one of the oddest places. I was chaperoning Mia’s field trip with a bunch of parents to a destination most of us would probably not find interesting, yet even fascinating until you end up going there. One of the dads even asked Mia’s teacher if she thought there was a chance to do a date night there, and it was only halfly a joke. Who would have thought a waste water treatment plant would be such an amazing place to visit? Stinky? No. Smelly? No. Cool? Most definitely. Just think about it, they are hosting weddings and events at the Brightwater Center most weekends. 

Brightwater sewage treatment facility, located just north of Woodinville, keeps all waste water in enclosed buildings, covered and hidden from the world but that is only one tiny portion of the odorless environment at the plant. Much of the odor control is done through biochemistry, as the process begins with using bacteria do what they do best—consume the stinky hydrogen sulfide …

Another Perfect Home

In case someone missed me, it’s been a busy few days. Good busy. Absolutely good busy, but yet, have not had time to update the blog and as I’m still in the midst of life and spring and, did I mention life? It’s been a week of birthdays and PTSA and work and PTSA and work and PTSA and stuff. Mia turned ten on Tuesday, my baby girl is now officially a tween. I have been working with a group of wonderful, smart women to start a PTSA for our new school. I have learned a lot, been drinking way too much coffee and enjoyed every moment of it, and then the work.

Had a glass of sparkling last night to celebrate a new sale, a beautiful home un in Hollywood Hills. It’s always a great feeling to be able to match a house with a family, and by matching, I mean instead of settling with something that’s a compromise, something almost great, really feeling that you found the perfect match for your clients. It’s an awesome feeling.
Having said that, I did my morning thing, dropped my offspring off at…

Why I Avoid Doing Market Reviews

Haven’t done a market review in a long time. The main reason for not doing one is market reviews being ultimately boring for anyone whom does not eat, breath and sleep real estate. It’s boring because there are no changes and everyone in the industry knows what the reports will look like even before our laptops spit them out at the beginning of each month. I doubt there are much news for anyone or what do you think about the Seattle Times headline last week; “Home prices have risen fastest in South Seattle, as citywide mediannears $820,000” or “Why is Seattle home inventory so low?” by Curbed.
We live in an area were the cost of housing is high and it keeps creeping higher month by month. Close to my house there is a home listed for over $2 million. When the current owner bought it less than twenty years back, it was listed for under $500K. Yes, a lot has been done to make this home the home it is today and it’s a truly beautiful property, but it’s also a great example of what has h…